I hate this time of year.  It’s grey and cold outside, my husband’s travel always seems to be more extensive and every bit of bad news seems to send me into a spiral. I have three girlfriends whom I’d consider my closest friends (one from high school, one from college and one from life now). […]

A year ago, my husband cut all meat – except for the occasional seafood – out of his diet.  Having just finished Rich Roll’s book, Finding Ultra around the time both of his parents were suffering from heart-disease-related health issues, he made a decision:  plant-based at home, pescatarian on the road.  For the past year, we’ve done mostly that.  While […]

Where to begin…

This blog has been a series of fits and starts due to a number of factors:  lack of time, lack of focus, lack of confidence in my writing…  But I always seem to come back here:  to writing.  It’s the one creative outlet I crave. I have so many hopes for what I’d like to […]